How to create beautiful pumpkin displays.

It’s that time of year again and if you’re an Instagram follower then you’ll know that the internet goes crazy for pumpkins. But, how do you create beautiful pumpkin displays in your home? Read on for the full low-down on pumpkin styling.

I run a successful Instagram account @jpslifeandloves and I’ve been called The Pumpkin King on more than one occasion. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but I do have a penchant for gourdgeous gourds of all varieties and I am one for styling up my home just a tad!

In fact, I’m a huge fan of seasonal styling full stop, be it spring blossoms or Christmas trees. I’m pretty certain pumpkin season is my favourite though, followed very closely by Yuletide shenanigans.

I’m not a huge fan of the spooky Halloween kind of autumn styling. If you are then that’s totally fine and there’s nothing wrong with it at all, it just doesn’t dunk my biscuit, if you know what I mean? I’m much more of a harvest kinda guy. Smiley, happy, wholesome scenes. I’m all about the smiles!

Making an entrance! Styling up your front door.

To me, its all about the front door. It’s wonderful to do beautiful displays all over your home, but the main entrance is what really counts. It’s where you show the world what you can do and your display can be left out right up until the big day on 31st October. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to buy a hundred pumpkins. It just has to be well thought through and stunning!

Now, before a hundred tweets, posts and complaints go out about food waste and outlandish displays of gross consumption, my display above is not real life! It was done specifically for Instagram and to promote the wonderful Crockbridge Farm in Weybridge, U.K. All of the pumpkins were borrowed from the farm and were safely returned to them for sale. No pumpkins were hurt or wasted in this shoot!

However, I can’t tell you how tired I was after filming this. I had help from my wonderful stylist friends Abi and Ashley, but even with their help it was exhausting! We certainly got our workout that day.

For you at home though, it really doesn’t have to be anything near quite as ridiculous as my display. Just a few choice pumpkins, seasonal props, maybe a wreath and clever styling, can totally transform your front door and create a beautiful pumpkin display.

Look at the image above. There’s not much to it really, yet it works. You’re setting a scene. Create a mini film set at your front door. The trick is to entice people to want to look further. The cute wheelbarrow is pointed at such an angle that the person viewing it can see it from all sides. Placing it on the diagonal creates an open, inviting feel to the space.

I only used four pumpkins here and two of them are tiny! The white chrysanthemums add contrast and stop everything from being too orange. The white silver birch logs in the basket suggest warm cozy nights by the fire, toasting s’mores and drinking hot mulled apple cider.

When you look at the photo it makes you feel something. It reminds you of a time when you enjoyed a wonderful autumn day walk and then snuggled up with a loved one. A successful display creates a mood, or a fantasy. An emotion is triggered in your brain.

There is nothing worse than spending forever creating a display for no one to notice it. I promise that if you really think about the scene that you are trying to create then it will be a success. All the best displays spark emotion, even if it’s just pure joy!

Creating beautiful interior pumpkin displays

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you get to relax and unwind and spend time with your loved ones. Creating a scene is just as important within the home as it is outside. Again, it doesn’t need to be much at all. A simple scented candle can create an ambience, but if you surround it with two mini white pumpkins and a few autumn leaves then it will totally pop and everyone will think you are a true interiors aficionado!

The rule of three and the rule of thirds.

Look at the image above. Could it be more simple? We’re talking a couple of bucks worth of styling here guys. It’s not going to break the bank. It does, however, hit the spot. It invites you into the space and makes you want to look at it and breath in it’s autumnal vibes. This image also illustrates the rule of three. It’s very simple, three objects look better when placed together than two. That’s it!

But, you are thinking: “Hang on, J.P! There are seven pumpkins in this shot.” Well, at the bottom of the little wooden stool there are three pumpkins. At the top of the stool there are three pumpkins, each group looks right. The single pumpkin on the ledge is separate from the other two groupings, so it works. If I’d put four pumpkins on the top of the stool it would have looked peculiar. You may have not picked up on why, but it would have been because they weren’t placed in threes.

If you can’t do threes, then the next best thing is fives and sevens. It’s actually, just like the gardening rule of planting in odd numbers. Coincidentally, if you were taking a photograph, like I did here, then the rule of thirds applies there too! It’s a type of composition in which an image is divided evenly into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. The subject matter is then placed directly on the dividing line of one of those thirds. In this way, the focal point is a bit to one side, drawing the viewers eye into the composition.

Don’t forget the little extras!

The pumpkins are the main event when it comes to creating beautiful pumpkin displays, but it’s all the little things that make it special. Why not try a natural yard broom, or witches broom? Add autumn leaves, or faux apples and acorns. Try a garland of faux autumn berries over the mantlepiece. I often use lots of pine cones too in a rustic wicker basket. It’s these extra little details that help create the scene. One pumpkin underneath a glass cloche can look amazing! Shop your home too! By that, I mean utilise the things you already have. You’ll be surprised how many autumnal things you have lying around the house.

Watch out for my next blog, which is all about styling your table for autumn/fall. I’ve got some cute little decorating ideas coming up to create more beautiful pumpkin displays, both on my website and over on my Instagram account: @jpslifeandloves

Bye for now guys and happy styling!

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